Recipe Rose des sables

Today I want to share with you an easy and delicious recipe. 

I recently went to France and I had the chance to fill my belly with handmade fresh pastries of boulangeries and chocolatiers

But, back to reality and daily rush, there is not really time or motivation to spend two hours cooking pastries. Usually, in two hours, I do the whole meal prep of my week. 

That’s not a reason to buy chemical cakes or binge or extra sugary smoothies all the time. 

I am coming to your rescue with a super super super easy recipe: the rose des sables (rose desert’s in English because of its shape). For this, you will only need three ingredients and approximately 15 minutes of preparation! You can say now that you love me, I accept.   

Here is what you need: 

  • Corn flakes cereals
  • Butter 
  • Chocolate for cooking 

The preparation process:

  1. Gather a big bowl, a spoon, and a big plate (the one you can put in your oven)
  2. In the bowl, break the chocolate into pieces and make it melt with the butter in the microwaves or in a small saucepan. Watch the temperature so you don’t burn the mixture. 
  3. Add to the chocolate the corn flakes slowly and mixed until the chocolate covers everything. 
  4. Take the plate or a plaque covered with aluminium paper and make little piles with the spoon. 
  5. Put the plate in the fridge, wait 30 minutes and voilà ! 

Personally, I love this recipe with milk chocolate! 

It’s amazing because it is cheap, you can make it fast and have a little portion every single day with your coffee. 

Bon appétit

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