5 reasons to muscle your legs

We all want beautiful legs because .. well it’s sexy. We want to look good for us and our lovebird(s). Also, we use our legs all day for pretty much everything, so we better have them in shape and functioning well ! 

In the fitness industry we see leg workouts flowing out all the time, mostly to get a bigger rounder butt or quadsharmstrings with more definition. Of course, because it’s easier to sell and the aesthetics are very attractive. We know a woman wearing a micro short doing squats will attract more readers than a 50 lines article about the benefits of practicing ankle and hip mobility every day. 

Aesthetics are good but it should always be a benefit of exercising. But there is actually a bit more than that to get out of your leg routine! 

Let me tell you more, it might motivate you to keep your training !

  1. There are multiple benefits: a lot of leg exercises require stabilizing your core and make you use different muscles groups. So training your legs will also help you workout other parts of your body and feel better overall. 
  2. Improve your running: getting stronger legs will help you run and/or walk better and faster. You need them to be strong to have the adequate stability to run, bike and swim.
  3. It will boost your weight loss: your legs are the biggest group muscles of your body. It’s mathematic, it will burn the most calories when you exercise properly. The more you will have them strong the more energy you will spend moving them (working out and during your daily life). 
  4. Prevent your back pain: I never repeat it enough but your training should help you move through your daily life with energy and no pain! A lot of our back pain comes from a bad posture and/or stabilizator muscles under developed. When you workout your legs and your muscles are balanced, you avoid back pain. 
  5. It is sexy. Yep I kept that argument last but it’s important to mention it. Beautiful legs show well in pants, skirts or in a dress…and at the gym! 

Now you don’t have excuses to not train your legs ! There are so many options to train at the gym or at home. 

You can perform basic exercises such as the squats, lunges and hip thrusts with many variations. Use your own bodyweight, small weights and bands to play around and keep exercising several times a week.

It takes time to develop strong legs, you can dedicate different sessions to workout different muscles and don’t forget to rest! 

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