Forget about “if” and “when”

The last year felt depressing on so many levels. It led me to ask myself a lot of questions about health, family, life core values and where I was on all these matters…

I am a super anxious person, asking these questions and reflecting on it was good because it made me work on myself. But it was also bad in the sense it made me even more stressed.

I started to watch so many videos on personal development and growth, mindfulness, how to manage stress, what is the pursuit of happiness…Interesting and overwhelming at the same time. 

After discovering all this content, I realized one of the elements mentioned was one of the biggest issues in my life:  I am not enjoying my daily routine because I am not focusing on the present.

It is a really big issue for me, as I am constantly in my mind running around like a hamster in a wheel.  

I keep reliving situations of my past, which is useless because you can not change what already happened. And I get very anxious about the future: what I am going to do with my job, and I don’t have money, what are my goals now….

It’s really important to balance this situation because the past is over and stressing all the time about the future doesn’t help because you don’t have control over everything. 

The goal with being more present is to enjoy what you have now, try to see the better of every situation and learn from the past mistakes.

Also, if you constantly think “When I will have this car, this job, this amount in my bank account”, you will postpone all the time your happiness. You put a condition to it. You have to be as happy and fulfilled with what you have now. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams and your goals, adapt them if necessary. But don’t forget to be happy and enjoy life during the process. Because maybe, reaching your goals is going to take you 10 years, you don’t want to live miserable before it happens. . 

So, knowing that is the first step. When you see there is a problem you can find ways to deal with it. What am I doing to be fully present during the day: 

  • Reduce my time on my phone. It’s hard because of work but when I make an effort, I can really just be on my laptop. I don’t need to be glued that much to my phone. 
  • Taking time to meditate a little bit or just focus on my breathing for a couple of minutes.
  • Reading, listening to music or to a podcast. Every day. It helps me discover new things, keep my brain stimulated. 
  • Going outdoors, I have plenty of options with local parks and my favorite, the beach!
  • Spend quality time with my dog.
  • Working out, either a tough gym session or just stretching.
  • Connecting with my friends and my family.  

I do not get to this full list every day but I can always do at least half of it and it makes a huge difference. 

The biggest issue is the amount of time spent on my phone, scrolling endlessly. It makes me compare myself to others, waste my time and stops me from being actually productive. 

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