I lost my job… and it was a good thing!

When you saw the tittle you probably thought “she might be drunk”. I am not actually. So, let me explain…

Last week I have been fired because of the economic disaster of Covid. The US have been hit really bad, my old self would have started to imagine a catastrophe scenario of me losing my apartment, not knowing how to eat and getting in debt just to stay alive.

But something strange happened when I received the news at 7pm. I went to walk on the beach and try to calm down…and I didn’t feel upset or stressed at all. As I kept walking, I was waiting for the tears and they never came. Do you know why?

Because I knew deep inside of me that being fired was the best thing that could have happened to me at that time.

If something happens, it is for a reason. Even if it doesn’t seem right in the moment, it’s fair and it happens to us for the best. You can take the event as a negative thing, sit, cry and play the victim. Or you can use it as a tool to switch the situation into your favor. And that is what I did.

I realized it wasn’t bad news because that job wasn’t my dream job. The conditions, the management and the vision of the company weren’t aligned with what I wanted to do. This position was a dead end for my dreams.

I understood that me getting fired was life giving me an opportunity to sit down with myself and think. Think about what I wanted to do for myself. How can I bring back passion to my life? How to bring a new sense of purpose to my career? How can I use my skills to be efficient, bring value to a brand and feel good? What kind of customers, companies or brands do I want to work with or for?

For months, I was just so on my daily routine that I forgot what I deeply wanted. I had become numb and just acted as a robot, repeating the same gestures and tasks every day. Didn’t even realized it was killing my joy of living little by little.

That night, I didn’t worry at all. I just enjoyed the sunset at the beach and talked with a friend. When I came home, I had dinner with my man and cuddled with my dog.

The next day I thought “OK, let’s just do some calls and send e-mails to find a little income to pay the bills while I am reconnecting to what I want”.

2 days later, I had found another job by the purest form of coincidence and it was fulfilling every aspect I had been looking for:

  • A deep sense of purpose and usefulness on my tasks
  • Working under the supervision of a badass boss bitch whom personal and professional skills are going to take me to the next level
  • Work conditions fitting my goals: a mix of office and home work
  • Perspective of evolution short and long term for my career with great contacts in different fields

There is no perfect job or leader. There is no perfect situation that will give you the fantasy that you are imaging in your head. Everything is always moving in life.

But the amazing lesson I learned from this event is that we really have the choice to turn everything into something good. Something that seems tragic can actually be positive for you. Losing a job, having a health issue, a break up, etc ….

If you are facing a hard situation and you feel like you are drowning, take a second to focus on the positive things you are wining. Because there is good in everything. Maybe it is the occasion to reconnect with your inner child, pursue your passion and be creative. Maybe it is time to take that trip, reconnect with this old friend or family member.

It happened to me, it can take only a couple of hours or days to completely switch a situation to your advantage.

I am stressed because I am a perfectionist and I want to be successful on that new challenge. I want to make the best out of this new opportunity, prove my skills and learn new things. But I understand also I have to enjoy every single aspect of the new, the unknow, saying goodbye to the past and looking at the bright side.

It could be you too. 


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