How do you sleep

I have already talk about the importance of having a good quality sleep to feel good, productive during the day and recover properly from your workouts.

There are many factors today that induce a reduction of your sleep quality: stress, food, daily activity, personal and professional environment, etc.

Having a good bedtime routine and a good morning routine are crucial for your daily well-being. It’s a good way to start your day and a good way to close it. But do you know how to do it? Do you know what might disturb your sleep? Do you realize how sleep is important to your health?  

Your digital tools are intrusive

The evolution of technology and digital tools really increased and invaded our lives. We spend most of our time on our laptops and smartphones, both at work and during our personal free time.

As many scientific reviews talked about this, you know now that these machines produce a blue light from their screen disturbing our bodies. This blue light affects a very important natural element in our bodies who put us to sleep: melatonin. It reduces the quantity of melatonin produced and disturb the quality of our sleeping process. We watch TV, Netflix on the laptops and worst, we check our phones one last time before going to bed. We don’t let the melatonin kick in, we don’t feel that sleepy and push back the moment to go to bed.

It takes a real effort on our routines at home to change this and go to bed more naturally. We are losing gradually the capacity to listen to our body, or we simply ignore it (because we really want to finish this email or this post on Instagram is so cool I want to comment it).

The phone under your pillow

A lot of us also keep their smartphone on during the night. Of course, we have 100% chances of being disturbed by notifications, calls, etc… This process of getting awake several times per night can really damage your brain, your nervous system, your hormones and your mood. Why? Because you are not letting your body fell into the deepest state of sleep, which is absolutely essential to rest and function as a proper human being!

The habit of keeping the smartphone on your night stand or below the pillow is something young generations are really used to. We still don’t know the effects on the brain and the body but it’s sure can’t be really that good because of the electronic waves produced.

Better safe than sorry, it’s a good reflex to at least put it on airplane mode while you sleep.

Do you snooze

A lot of scientists also warn the public about another disturbing app we use on a daily basis: the function snooze on our phones. We wake up, we fell asleep and then we wake up again and we go on until it’s really late to go to work. This on and off process is bad for your body because you get into a new sleeping cycle that you don’t finish.

Quick scientific reminder here: there are different phases of sleep and a phase of awakening. You have the phase of falling asleep, the two light sleep phases (quick and slow) and the deep phase. Each phase takes a certain amount of minutes to actually works and can be disturbed by many factors: quality of the bed, temperature in the room, last meal, sleeping with a partner, anxiety, phone, etc…

When you wake up in the morning, the moment of transition between the sleep and the awakening takes generally between 15 and 30 minutes. This is when we feel groggy, grumpy and clumsy. When you look at it, it’s not that long to awake.

But when you get awake at the beginning of a sleeping cycle with the snooze of your alarm, this period of awakening can last up to 4 hours! The result? You end up feeling more tired because you stay in a state of superficial sleep.

How sleep impact your health

Having a good quality sleep is important for your energy level and your mood. You see and feel the results instantly after a good night sleep. But you must also understand the long-term value of this element. The accumulation over the years of a poor sleeping quality has bad consequences on your general health:

  • Increase of the mortality through cardiac pathologies
  • Increase and multiplication of cancers
  • Reduction of the sex drive and fertility problems
  • Diabetes and obesity issues  
  • Increase of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Issues with focus and memory capacities  

Not sexy not fun at all. Yes, we are all going to die anyway. But the question is what kind of life quality do you want? You can live to the fullest until the end, or finish your life in pain and suffering.  

Top 4 of the reasons to kick your smartphone out of your bedroom anyway

  1. If you sleep well you will have more energy to go through your day physically and mentally
  2. Bed is for sex. And sleep. And sex.
  3. You can create new moments for yourself around bedtime with quiet music and a nice book instead of looking anxiously at your email box and scrolling through shit on Instagram
  4. Sex again (this is really important so I repeat)

How to change your sleeping routine

  • An hour before going to bed, do calm and quiet activities such as meditation, listening to music, drawing, reading, writing.
  • Don’t do a work out too close from your bedtime.
  • Have a light meal for dinner.
  • Turn off phone, tv and laptop 50 to 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Manage your own body

Also keep in mind to do something adapted to your body and your needs.

Some people need 7 hours to sleep, others it’s more 9. Your age also influences deeply this aspect, the older you get the less you sleep.  Some of us are more sensitive to the room temperature, others by the noise.

Take a couple of minutes to analyze your routine and start with little changes that are going to have good effects slowly but surely.

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