It’s an interesting exercise that I did a couple of times on meditation and it’s really amazing.

As any form of meditation, it allows me to get quiet and focus on positive things. It makes me feel grounded, remind me how lucky I am and help me reconnect with myself and my goals.

The point is not to think about the object itself but the feelings and the sensations that it awakes in you.

For example, you workout not to have a 6 pack, because in itself it doesn’t make you happy. The 6 pack is just an aesthetic option for your body. But when you have it; you feel sexy, confident and strong.

You want to have a porsche not for the car, it’s just a big object. But you want it for the sensation of the speed, the adrenaline, the powerful sensation that you feel.

So when you visualize what is it that you want, focus on those feelings and sensations with all your 5 senses. Imagine the touch, the smell, the noise, the taste, the colours…

Make your dream alive, it will manifest in your life at some point. The more you think about those things that makes you happy the more you rise your energy.

I like to do this in the morning to put in a good mood before work but also at night before sleeping, it makes me feel grateful.

What do you visualize for yourself ?

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