Body mobility

When you train, you talk a lot about your shape, your muscles, your strength, your speed…way less about your mobility.

It’s an essential part of our daily life, we just forget about it because we take it for granted. But it’s thanks to our mobility that we can do the majority of our movements.

The majority of us confuse mobility and flexibility, these are two different things:

  • Flexibility is the capacity of your muscle to extend itself.
  • Mobility is the capacity of your body to “open” an angle between two different parts of your body that articulate together. The mobility is not the same if you are standing or lying (example: the flexion of your knee).

The important element that impact us on a daily basis is that we lose slowly our natural mobility. Why? Because we have a sedentarily lifestyle, we don’t move as much as we should, the body stays still too much for too long, especially for people working at a desk in front of a computer all days (hip flexion bye bye). 

If you make a conscious effort to take care of it, you should have both flexibility and mobility exercises in your workout routine. This way you can have strong muscles and a good global body structure allowing you to move the way you need and want.

It’s something you want to take care of not only because it’s good for your workout. Even if you are not a sport person, you need to be active and a lack of mobility can increase the risk of an injury. 

The body is an amazing machine, one element is out of place and the rest of the chain gets blocked.

A couple of months ago I hurt myself pretty bad: misplacement of a rib. I went to see an osteopath, turns out a bone in my feet was misplaced, it moved my rotula, my hip, my rib and finally my deltoid. So, the lack of mobility in my ankle messed up with my hole right side and then general body posture.

If you don’t want to work out fine, it’s your right. But I am pretty sure you want to be able to get out of bed by yourself in the morning, walk and be yourself without the need of somebody else helping you.   

I am myself not an expert on the matter so I go on Youtube and watch instructors showing how to perform the exercises and then, I include them in my routine according to my needs.

Depending on your age, your general health, your job, maybe your injuries, we don’t have the same needs to work on our mobility on a daily basis.

But for sure, twice a week to maintain your general mobility and prevent injuries is a good start.

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