Eat your veggies

Today my mom would be proud of me because I am going to repeat something she told me a lot: eat more vegetables.

When I was a kid, I used to want to eat only 2 things: pasta and ham. It was a nightmare for my parents, three kids extremely selective with foods, bye bye social life.

It took us a really long time to change the way we eat. Most importantly, it was long and it took a conscious effort to see and feel the benefits of it in our bodies.

And I just realized recently how the way we eat evolve with time, education, money, culture and also trends! Since I live on my own, I cook almost everything I eat to save money but also make sure I don’t have too much chemical ingredients on my food.

A couple of years ago my food cart was just about buying things I wanted to eat for pleasure. Now I want to eat good food for the taste but I want it to be good for my body. I want energy, keep my organism and my gut clean, skin and care as good as possible.

So, when I go grocery shopping, I have two priorities: get good protein and different fruits and vegetables. Both are really important but today I will just make a quick reminder of the benefits of having different vegetables in your kitchen.

  1. It’s a great way to diversify your food intake. That’s a hell of a reason to have them, you have all the colors, size and different ways to cook them so you can avoid more easily to be bored.
  2. They are full of vitamins really important for your internal functions.
  3. It’s helping us maintain a healthy acid level in our organism.
  4. Scientists proved they help reducing the risk of cancers.
  5. They help your digestion on a daily basis because they are full of fibers.
  6. They contain a lot of anti-oxidant good for the skin (aging of the skin is slower)
  7. They are an additional source of hydration for the body, some of them like the cucumber are particularly good for that. 
  8. They help maintain bone density and so, reduce osteoporosis.
  9. Because they reduce the catabolism of the body (degradation of the muscular mass) they help recover after a workout.
  10. Aaaaaaand for the one of us worrying about their shape, they contain a very few calories so you can have a lot!

Now I know, all of these seems very good healthy, reasons to have vegetables. The most important step missing is to find a way to cook them in different ways, with different seasonings and different sides.

Have fun in the kitchen with it and keep it simple ! 

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