How to get things done …

Recently I have a friend that asked me how I managed to do everything that I do.

This is funny because I may give the impression that I get it done but it’s not that easy.

The only reason that helps me get through everything is that I know what I want in my life, I have a vision for my future. I am working towards it and on the bad days I think about it to cheer me up. That’s for the mental part.

For all other “terrestrial” aspects I must say, I just get organized by writing to do lists everywhere, taking notes ….and missing on my sleep (not good).

Yep, sometimes I just wish our days could have more than 24h. Or 24h to work on our stuff and then night time to sleep.

It must also clarify anyway that yes, I get a lot of things done but I also can do nothing for days!

Sometimes I am just too tired, so I am literally a potato couch. I am procrastinating a lot and my mind is wondering so much all over the place that I can’t concentrate on one single thing and get it done at all.

It seemed important to me to share the truth: I am good at a lot of things, but I am not a wonder woman getting done everything perfectly. Yes, I accomplish tasks, but it comes at some costs. But I go along with it because I know some sacrifices need to be made to get what I want.

The trick is in my capacity of being rigorous and organized. Perseverance, audacity and self-adaptation are the qualities that helped me get where I am today.

As I said, my mind is very active, I am always thinking and stressing about something for my future, I am constantly writing to do lists on paper and on my phone.

I have short- and long-term goals I want to reach so I have to divide my tasks and choose what has priority.

My tools are very basic, maybe some of them will help you:

  • Every Sunday I write down a list of the things that have to get done.
  • I make this list fit with my planning day by day (work, sport, social life). The key is to do the distribution properly: not try to do everything on the first days of the week or just on the weekend.
  • On top of the list is always put the task that is the priority of the week.
  • I prepare all my lunches on the weekends. This way I don’t have to worry every night about what to eat tomorrow and I don’t spend extra money eating crap outside.
  • My clothes are ready the night before the next day. It can seem juvenile but again, a save of time. In the morning I don’t lose time trying on different outfits. My gym clothes are also always ready in my gym bag so when I come home from work, I have less chances to skip my training: I just have to pick it up and go.
  • All the things that I do for my mental health I also prepare them as much as I can. Easy access and everything prepared: my workouts in the gym or at home, I have playlists of music for yoga in the morning and playlists for meditation at night and in the morning.

I try to not skip the essential elements that makes me a good human being: enough sleep and food, workout, meditation and walks on the beach. That works for me. You do you.

Some weeks are super productive and some others not, it is what it is. Life is fluid and blablabla you know the expression, take it day by day.

I am still working on a very important fact that everybody faces:  not to get overstressed by all the things that aren’t done yet.

This if the favorite thing my crazy mind and ego like to do: stress about the future.

My mind makes up scenarios for every aspect of my life about what can happen and how, what should I do in this situation or in this one…

First of all, it is completely useless, no matter if you stress or not, what has to happen will happen.

And second, it is a tremendous way to waste your time and your energy… that you should use instead to do things that actually lower your stress.

We all have ways to cope with stress and the overwhelming fear of failure and the future.

Some of us drink too much, take drugs, over train, eat junk… No judgment here, I have been through very dangerous and unhealthy behavior myself.

But one of my ways to reduce my stress and get things done is to be a freak with my organization.


Try to use of my tricks to organize your week and let me know if you felt better by saving time, money or energy in some way.


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