Mornings rituals

I have never been able to get out of bed quickly, I am not an early bird. During a long time, my morning was just a race from my bed to the bus, I didn’t had breakfast for almost 6 years. To me there was no point about getting up earlier to do things before work. I was always looking to get a few extra minutes on my bed.

But I have learned recently that having a morning ritual can really have a positive impact on your day. And who doesn’t want to have a good day? And then a good week? Fuck I want to feel good every day for as long as I can.

Soooooo, I have watched a few articles and videos of successful entrepreneurs, gurus and yogis… and I tried to implement some elements on my daily morning. But not everything, I am not perfect. It’s hard for me to not get up at the last minute, I am not going to get up at 5am just to start with a to-do list.

Here are the few things I get to do before my breakfast and leaving home:

  1. I don’t turn on my phone, I use a soft music on the background, but I don’t quit the plane mod. It allows me to keep my head quiet without stressing out already with the 23 notifications popping on my screen.
  2. I do a 10 minutes yoga flow stretching session. This is really good for me because it’s an extra stretch from the stretches I already do after working out and it awake my body softly.
  3. I do a 5 minutes meditation. This is a bit hard on some morning and some others super easy. I have a list of short morning videos ready on Youtube or I use the app Headspace. This helps me with the storm in my head (I didn’t do that, I need to do that, what is going to be my future in 6 months…)
  4. I set the intention for the day. This one is tricky, I need inspiration because I tend to repeat myself or I don’t know what to do at all. But it’s important because you can come back to it during the day. Example: Today I will stay calm. That’s an intention I have to repeat myself a couple of times during the day when my boss is stressing me out.
  5. I cook a basic but good breakfast: green tea, omelette with cheese and homemade granola.

A little trick that has been a life time saver: I prepare all my stuff the night before (my clothes, my lunch, my handbag) so in the morning I just have to follow these steps before and that’s it.


– I awake slowly my body

– I protect my mind a few more minutes from the daily stress

– I put myself in a good mood and mindset

– I feel ready to accomplish my goals

I don’t want you to take this as “another-thing-to-do” today. These little rituals are moments that now I really enjoy because I do them for ME, because it makes ME FEEL GOOD.

Don’t feel guilty if this morning you couldn’t do your usual routine because you overslept, or you had to leave home earlier.

The morning ritual isn’t an additional pression. It’s here to make you feel good.

All day long we have to do things for others, so it’s nice to take a few minutes for yourself during the day several times a day.

Please don’t wait for the weekend to live and do something for yourself.

The morning routine it’s also a moment for you to question your life, your dreams and your projects.

Try what you like the most and incorporate it in your day. ENJOY

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