I get regularly questions about supplements.

Which ones I use, which one is the best fat burner, BCAA or protein, when should I take them or not…

The truth is I have never been a huge fan for two reasons.

  1. I think it strike strongly on our lazy side and we very often tend to give them more magic powers than they have. We think this one or that one is going to increase incredibly our performance abilities or help us quickly burn that extra love-handles fat.

Well sorry to break that to you but THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL.

Actually, there is one, it’s called surgery, but that’s another topic I won’t start here (unless you want me to).

A supplement holds its power on his own word, is own definition. It’s just a supplement. It can help you, yes, there might even be a bit of a placebo effect, but you need to first focus on having a proper training, food as natural as possible and a good quality recovery process (rest days and a good quality sleep).

If you are trying to have a higher energy level, feel stronger and more flexible, you need to take into account different elements. You can’t be missing sleep, eating crap and then go crazy for a week making a cleanse thinking it’s going to erase all the crap you put into your body.

Your natural chemistry needs time and patience to change and adapt itself to a new routine.

  1. These products are over-promoted by the fitness industry. My mom is a doctor (I hear you here, how the hell is it relevant to the subject?) Well as a doctor, she has been receiving for years a lot of samples, goodies and products of all kind for new parents (she is a pediatric doctor). Not for the best interests of babies and their parents. No, just for money because it creates a lot. So, the laboratories push the most interesting products FOR THEM.

The same things happen with the workout supplements.

I think the worst categories are the fat burner. My god, between the sweat waists and all kind of fat burners drinks, I think there is enough money to finance the life of dozen or maybe hundreds of families in a poor country.

Just think about it and take some perspective because otherwise you are going to spend your time taking supplements. One for the fat burn, one as a pre-workout, one after the workout, one to recover, one for the muscles, one for the joints, one for the skin, one for the hair…. Blablabla the list never ends.

Yes, some of them are good, particularly the ones that help you take care of your joints and ligaments. But guess what, you don’t need a crazy number of supplements or no supplements at all if you have a balanced food intake.

All the nutrients can be found in a healthy balanced and diversified plate!

It’s been 4 years that I train 4 to 6 times a week now. I never had to take a pre-workout to push me before a session, that’s just bullshit to me. Even when I am extra tired, I don’t take one. I just make my session shorter by reducing my rests between my sets, go home earlier to have a proper meal before going to bed and that’s it.

I am taking a bit of BCAA to help my recovery but what’s working best for my recovery? Warming up and stretching properly, taking care of my movements during a session, drinking a lot of water, going to see a chiropractor once in a while and get a massage by a pro once a month.

I have a protein powder shake after a workout IF I don’t feel like eating a normal protein food (some days I am just tired of eggs and chicken and turkey and fish). I use it not like a replacement meal but just as a different protein snack.

And you know what’s the best fat burner natural that won’t cost you a fortune? Green tea, without sugar, just a bit of honey. And water. That’s it.

Also, an old trick to help you with the cravings: have an apple and water! The pectin in the apple will help you increase your satiety sensation and water weight in the belly so you will fuller. If you don’t eat crap, you will have less fat to burn.

There is no harm in buying products and trying them. We all adapt this way, trying this and that.

But I wanted to remind you that there is a lot of things that are put to us just to make money, it’s not necessarily efficient. And our modern food is already full of chemicals, it’s never a bad thing to try to avoid as much as we can everything that is processed.

Have a reasonable consumption


  1. I use a good whey protein supplement for the simple reason that I can’t during a normal day eat as much protein as I need to build more muscle. But that is my goal, and it isn’t everyone else’s.


    1. I agree ! We all have different needs and goals. I also use a whey protein regularly to diversify : I can’t be eating more chicken, turkey or eggs than the actual quantity I have. The Whey Protein is a good addition to the meals. I recently tried a vegan protein… Was not good at all in terms of taste.

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