The vertue of journaling

Lately I have been really stressed, one the reasons I have not be consistent with this blog.

I have let multi-factors of stress take control of me and it’s time to get back on track on a more calm and peacefull state of mind.

I know myself, my bad and good sides, and I am looking for ways to daily take care of myself. Step by step I try to have little rituals that help me cope with stress: eating healthier, have a good night sleep, exercise, do meditation and write !

I have studied litterature, I love to read and write and as far as I can remember I always had a journal. Even if it feels weird at the beginning, it’s a really good exercise for various reasons.

First of all, it’s beneficial to your writing skills, we spend our days typing, texting, watching videos… there is a real pleasure to take a pen and write on real paper. I don’t know about you but I love the smell of a new notebook, the sound of the pen when I write and the process of writing my toughts.

Also, for people like me, it is a very good exercise to calm down, take distance with my emotions. I have a big tendency because of my own insecurities to make a huge moutain of a small  hill. So when I write, I see the big picture, I am more conscious of what I am living, what does it remind me.

I am getting better at meditating and I am trying to do more exercises of visualization. Writing really helps me with that because I put words on what I have on my mind, make my ideas more real, more clear. It helps me get stronger and calmer.

Journaling doesn’t have to look like Bridget Jones, writing on a depressing mood, wearing a pyjama and a glass of wine in your hand (but you can drink if it helps you relax after a hard day anyway). Journaling helps you to have a clearer mind but also improve your memory, make your memories more clear.

The beauty of it is that you never have to make it pretty, it doesn’t have to make sense, be logical. It’s your journal, your place of freedom, liberty, you can write down your frustration, your anger, your sadness, all the things that upset you. Nobody is going to judge. You can take out everything that needs to be out. It’s a very liberating exercise.

I do it every night before going to bed and maybe it’s a placebo effect but I find myself sleeping better. I writte what came to my mind all day and why, how it makes me feel. And I always finish with a “thank you” exercise, I say thank you for all the good things that happened to me that day.

It’s really cool because even on the shittiest day, when I list all the good things that happened to me, it makes me feel better. Because yes, even on a bad day, I have a friend that wrote me a cute message, my mom sent me a funny picture, I looked at a funny video online or I had an interesting conversation with my coach or a stranger on the bus.

So, I invite you to buy a beautiful notebook and write a few lines a day.


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