Miami Project

Recently I had a fight with people I tought were my friends. I tought we were on the same page on a lot of topics, especially my journey to travel and come to live in Miami.

I am a very stubborn person, once I have an idea in my mind, I rarely stop before I accomplished what I wanted.

Being in this country on my own and having worked to get here makes me extremly proud and happy. I am also annoyed when I hear people saying me that I am lucky.

This is going to be a hot minute. I am not lucky. Luck didn’t get me here. My work, my persistence, my discipline, my stubborn head and my vision got me here. Lot of hours working, lot of money spend, lot of stress and selft doubts. But I knew this was good for me and it would be a matter of time.

Today I live in Miami because I worked hard for that. I know why I am here and what I want to do. I accomplished one of my goals and I am working on now to reach others. But living here doesn’t come without a price. It’s not only about glitter, glamour and the beach.

As any place, any job, any circumstance in life, you have good things and you bad things. Miami is a place of contrasts, you have extremely wealthy people and extremely poor people. It’s an expensive city, you have to work a lot to sustain to your basic needs, a lot of people at 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. Having interesting relationships is work, men seems to be here only to show off their money and women just looking for the richest guy.

For me it has good sides because it’s a dynamic city in construction, with a lot of different cultures and various ways to spend your free time. I like to have sun and light, the beach, being outdoors when I want. But it comes with sacrifice.

That’s the point I wanted to clarify today. Yes I live in Miami, yes I chose it, yes I am happy. But it doesn’t mean my life is a dream, I don’t spend every night in clubs, the days shopping and eating in fancy restaurants. I can’t because I have to work and it’s also not a goal in my life.

I just wanted to remind myself and to every person that will read this article that in life, nothing is just easy, and given. You can be rich with possessions, but you will have to sacrifice a lot of time. You can be less rich and have more time, but maybe you will pay it with discomfort in your life. Nothing is free, there is always a price to pay.

I choose to come to Miami because I felt this was right for me and it is. But it’s work, sometimes it’s hard. I am out of my confort zone in many ways but I am enthousiast for being here and trying it. But don’t let yourself fool by what you see on social media or on TV. No place is paradise on earth. There is a paradise just when you feel happy in your heart whith yourself.

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