Women should lift weights

I am sure I am like a vaste majority of women: not that long ago I didn’t wanted to lift heavy weights at all. I was afraid to look like an ugly muscular dude and thought that to be strong and toned I had to do a lot of cardio. During four years I went to the swimming pool for an hour 3 to 4 times a week, then I have been running 8 to 10 kilometers a day for more than two years.

One day I had a great conversation with one of the trainers of my gym that convinced me to train with weights. It took me a couple of days to make up my mind. And then I thought, why not, I don’t get the results I want with the method I am using. So I better change something and I I don’t like the results I will just stop it.

I have learned some interesting facts with time that helped me keep my motivation and finally get me where I am today.

First of all, a woman body isn’t capable of naturally build big muscles like men can. Why? Because female bodies don’t have the testosterone levels necessary to increase quickly and strongly an important muscles mass. Small recall: testosterone is the basic male hormone, it’s a natural anabolic steroid.

So you have not really a biological excuse to refuse lifting: it will give you more tonus and strength. Don’t be afraid you will look like a bodybuilder only if you take steroids drugs, which doesn’t happens for most of us. If like me, you spend time on social medias and see a lot of fitness girls and boys with really sharped muscles, don’t be naïve: the majority of them take supplements, otherwise they wouldn’t have this figure.

If you really want to look like them, you can seek for professional help and ask your trainer which kind of proteins supplements you can take. Personally the only supplements I take are BCAAs and vegetal protein powders, it’s enough for my practice.

I won’t either talk about steroids (and most of the people who take them never do) because we step into a bigger medical issues: steroids have long term serious problems for your health.

How to proceed now ? You can plan several cardio sessions during your week but don’t focus on that! Cardio training is a very efficient way to maintain your body endurance but it’s not a way to sharp your muscles . Keep in mind that if you want to burn a hamburger, you will have to run 3 times a week 3 times, hard and fast. That’s not a lot!

Don’t skip it but to have more results, associate it with some strenght workouts for your all body (please don’t go just to train your butt).

It exists several ways to try it. You can use only your body weight or machines and weights. A lot of your muscles will be in action and work hard if you do properly the movements. The repetition of the movement will produce the secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones are super important: they stick to the receptors at the surface of the fat cells and they trigger the liberation of the fat.

Some of these cells are more difficult to move from others: the receptors block the liberation of the fat. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is concrete on women on the hips, the bottom and the thighs (for men, it’s more on the abdominal zone).

Lift weights will have a direct impact on your body: it will produce testosterone and growth hormones (they help the protein assimilation and so the muscle growth).

If you regularly lift weights and you do it seriously, your body will be consuming more fat so it’s the ideal moment to do your cardio training session. It will increase the efficiency of the exercises done before. In the medium term, your body will produce hormones and your muscle mass will grow (it’s at that time that you will put on 1 or 2 kilos).

Think about what you really want because if you do your cardio training before you lift, your muscles won’t grow.

What’s the good new? Because of lifting your will increase your basal metabolism rate: you will consume calories even when you won’t be exercising. When it rest, a kilo of muscles consumes about 80 calories a day.

I was very enthusiastic at the beginning but it took me a while to accept and like the results. Why? Because I have always been really thin and when I started it, my muscles grew and I put on weight (your muscles weight more than your fat). I wanted to be more tonic and strong but during weeks I was confused about putting on weight. It took me a while to accept it.

Now that I am doing it regularly, I just love the physical and mental results. I am stronger, I have more resistance, I have learned a lot about my trainings, I am proud of myself and I feel more feminine. I love my muscles and wouldn’t go back !

Of course, it’s a matter of taste but if you never tried it, I encourage you to do so.

If you do it regularly and are helped by a professional, you will feel and see the results after a few weeks and you will see, it’s addictive.

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