Food cravings

We all have it in common in our lifes, no matter where we are from and the way we eat.

Food cravings appear because we don’t eat enough OR we don’t eat properly.

Yes, if you eat poorly nutrient foods, your body won’t have any fuel to function properly. That’s why it’s never a good idea to banish carbs from your plate. You can reduce them to lose fat and vary the way your cook your foods. But never banish them.

We have plenty of healthy options to cook for both our salty or sugary tastes.

Also, food cravings come a lot of times from stress. We feel pressure over something and start to snack compulsively. Usually we turn to sugary or salty products like chips, cereal bars, chocolate… They provoke a quick sugar high that will give us a boost but will go down so quickly too that we will feel really tired after. And wishing having another one to feel better. Vicious circle.

Of course you eat healthy 🙂 your have good portions 🙂 but you are human and have the right to snack. We just have to be careful because not to link too much our snacking to our emotional state. It’s dangerous because nowadays we have a lot of reasons to be stressed/sad/angry… and so abuse our snack ratio.

Here are some informations I think are interesting to understand how to manage our food cravings:

Food tqb

Now, it’s time to eat ! Bon appétit !!

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