Fitness stars

As I said in a previous article, I fell hard for the « fitness » discipline but not for the good reasons. To me, it was just another way to work on a physique I was never happy about.

I had the perfect answer for my family and closed friends, worried about my anorexic past : it’s a healthy sport, I have to eat whole foods, drink plenty of water, and sleep at least 8 hours a day. What’s not healthy on that ?

Well it is super simple, it’s not healthy in the way that you can quickly only care about your image and base your self worth on the way you look.

You get into it even more when you create your social media accounts and you follow only the members of this community. It’s the day to day race for the hashtags, the pic progresses.

Even if everybody say we do it for health, we certainly do it more the image. It’s a race where you win if you have the « perfect » shape implied by the industry.

And for women it’s a battle that seems impossible to reach according to our natural body composition. If you follow fitness successful gurus you will notice that most of them have gone under surgery and a lot of competitors are taking drugs to achieve and maintain their physique.

There is nothing wrong about getting breats implants, I know a lot of women that have done it and they don’t practice sport. That’s not the problem.

The issue is when you have a 23 years old bikini athlete that sells supposed customized trainings programs and meals plans, saying « if you do my challenge you will get my body », when you clearly see that she doesn’t only eat chicken and brocoli.

It’s a marketing lie. But hey, it works and it makes a lot of people have incredible successful lives. I myself spend money on following programs of a few of this fitgirls. I never received the supposed support and customed plans they sold.

For months I have felt bad because I was trying to reduce a gap between what my body was and the image I had cristallized in my head : a feminine women body with muscles and a very low body fat percentage.

From what I have experienced with online and one on one trainers, is that a lot of these supposed professionals are frauds. They don’t use personalized meals plans and training plans. They don’t sell you a product because its good but because they have a contract with the brand. They use photoshop, drugs to stay lean, surgeries, etc…

I had to admit I will never have a body like theirs because I didn’t have the financial power to do so, neither the will power. And it’s okay. Because we need a bit of everything to make a world.

I tried for a couple of months to create a routine on my own but it wasn’t working very well because I had nobody to be accountable to and that’s a very important aspect. So when I arrived in Canada I hired a personal trainer and for the first time in two years I had a clic.

Because I had a professional experienced woman who explained to me what was possible and not according to my situation.

She said to me it was FORBIDDEN for me to go on a bikini competition due to my recent anorexic past, it would be a too dangerous process for my mental health. Aspect totally denied by my previous trainers who wanted me to go to compete quickly. She gave me scientific explainations about my body reactions and took me on a slow but steady process to improve my skills on a long term run.

If you are in Montreal area I highly recommend you to go to work with Emilie Provencher : a tittled athlete with experience, an accomplished business women with a family !

It took me a lot of followwing and unfollowing on social media to find my models.

Instagram is a dangerous tool when you don’t have a strong mind and positive image of your body.

Most of the women I follow now are moms, their take care of their bodies but also their families and their business. And with the time I have come to realize these women are way stronger and inspiring because they are doing a lot of things of their life, not only getting in shape for a photoshoot to sell the new slimming product for the summer.

They don’t just lift weight they do yoga, medidation, they run, they do calisthenics, they have charity projects, they work on their mindset, they write.

What I also like about them that they try, they fail and they teach us.

So if you have Instagram and are looking for a healthy inspiration I recommend you these accounts :

Emilie Provencher

Chontel Duncan

Sophie Guidolin

Shona Vertue

Valentina Lequeux

Lindsay Camerik (Lind Slaay)

Kelsey Wells

Morgan Tyler

Anna Victoria

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